RE: i want to run my motor for 5 seconds then it should shut off .

I am very new to Arduino i want my motor to run for 5 seconds then off if the ultrasonic sensor has a reading of 10cm can anyone help please I have been stuck for the past 4 days. thanks

Post you code and the sensor you are using as well as the specific board you are using.

If you have never posted code plesse read how to use this forum in the sticky posts at the top of every forum.

dave-in-nj is correct. It would be best to post a schematic, not a frizzy drawing showing all power, ground, power supplies, and interconnections. Links to the components would be helpful. Consider getting a copy of the Arduino Cookbook and read it, it has what you need in between the covers. You should also view a few tutorials on the Arduino and basic electronics.

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