re-instal standard liquidcrystal library


Can someone point me to where I can download the standard liquidcrystal library please.

I installed an I2Cliquidcrystal library, which overwrote the standard one, and now I want to use the original. Can't find the download anywhere

I didn't want to re-instal the whole IDE to getit, in case I lost any of my current sketched/libraries.

The I2Cliquidcrystal and standard liquidcrystal should have two different names and one should not have replaced the other if added into a proper folder. I actually have four LCD type libraries with mods for variations in displays. Not to mention folder holder variation between different IDE versions and updates.

Best to search carefully to make sure you do not have it in a lost folder. If not then if you need an exact replacement better to extract the version of IDE your using to a dummy folder and pull it from there. You can also search the GIThub for version and Adafruit for improved versions.