Re: Interfacing Arduino LED Matrix [s]8*32[/s]7x40

Hello I have bought 4 8*8 LED Matrix.

And I saw this circuit and I have built it (eventually have all the components).
Do anybody here know how to program the LED Matrix?
Is there any available library for LED Matrix and those shift registers?

Thank you.

Looks like 8 of 5x7 matrix, for 40x7 total.
So every 3mS or so you send out 5 bytes and turn on one row.
Then the only question is how to arrange an array to hold the data to display.

Why dredge up an old post? What's the point?

That display is positively antique! :astonished:

If you want a "Times Square" display, you get two of these:

... and drive them with a Nano or an ESP-01 with adapter.