(Re)naming Ports

In the board menu you are presented by plain com ports.. and i would love to see a way to configure them to show certain names, if not even simply done in the configurations file like

com3 Duemilanove
com7 Mega
com9 nano

and so on. I dont know how many other users have a static Com for certain Arduinos, but i dont believe i am the only one.
According to hat i would like to see some sort of 'exclusion' list:

256 //Com 256
13 //Com 13

Now when the board Menu is opened the program would browse through the file and see which coms not to test and or which to rename..

Agreed. That does bother me quite a lot (considering I have 10+ COM ports including virtual Bluetooth ports).

I've tried in vain to find the file that lists the COM ports, but I can't. Must be buried in a DLL somewhere...

Com ports on windows are dynamically assigned. Every time a com device is plugged in, the next com port number gets taken. Assigning user-defined names to the com ports is beyond the control of the Arduino team, on Windows.

umm, not exactly - at least here.
When i plug in my Duemilanove its no matter what Com7, if i plug in the Mega its always Com9. My Case LCD is always 256 and so on..

edit maybe you have to once assigned a Port number to them in the FTDI drivers.

You are both correct.

COM ports are assigned automatically on Windows the first time a device is connected to a computer. The information (Device ID, COM port, etc...) is stored in the Windows Registry, so that if the device (with the same HW ID) is connected to the computer again it doesn't have to re-install the drivers. (You know when you see the "installing new hardware" pop-up on the task bar.)

There are a few times when the COM ports can get re-assigned for the same device such as plugging a USB-COM port into a different USB hub in certain circumstances, etc...

However, I think what Nachtwind is asking for is to simply assign a "friendly name" to a COM port # (not the actual hardware), as this usually stays consistent on the same computer.

This could probably be entered in a ports.txt file that could get read when the IDE gets loaded and then displayed next to the port # in the Tools-Ports menu.

When I want to program my Sanguino or another board without FTDI, I must Quit, edit a config file for my programmer and relauch the IDE.
It would be great that selecting a device selects also the serial port OR the programmer according to the last settings.
Otherwise, a menu for selecting serial or ICSP programmer. (Menu could be hidden and would appear to the advanced users according to a preference in the Preferences?

What do you think?

I've had 3 Arduinos (all Duemilanoves) plugged in at the same time. When I select the board type, which of the com ports with Duemilanoves connected should the software select?

That's possible, I think there is some unique number in the FTDI?
Anyway, being able to select a ICSP programmer from the IDE is missing for me.
This is in the preferences.txt file, so it would be easy to integrate...
I have 2 Diecimila, a Sanguino, a Rainbowduino and a few other standalone circuits. It's often useful being able to quickly switch from one to the other, for example if you're programing a Diecimila that needs to talk to a Rainbowduino?

Today there is the "boards.txt" file that basically lists the various Arduinos supported. This reflects the distributor (Arduino team) perspective more so than the user perspective.

One possible extension could be a user defined "Boards.txt" that lists MY boards. In this file I envision a reference to a definition within official boards, a default COM port and a descriptive name. So that a selection from this short list of "my boards" would setup the IDE for correct board and com port using a well known name (e.g. My first Arduino on COM3). Users could possibly get some help from the IDE towards creating such a file through a dialog asking: What type of Arduino do you have? - and - What port is it connected to?

Ideally I would also like to see the selection of board/port linked to a project. So that whenever I change/open a new project, the IDE will default to the "most recent" board/port used for uploading that particular project.

Yes, that is what I also need, a profiles system in fact...

When I want to program my Sanguino or another board without FTDI ...

Another way is to create a new entry in "boards.txt" file that reference the programmer. This is similar to changing preferences.txt, but it does so on a per board basis rather than as a global default for the IDE.

Oh thank you, that's a good news for now!