Re: Nextion 3.5 inch NX4832T035 float value

Hi dear all,
Can I write an xfloat number on the nextion instead of a text ? I designed a keypad buttons table and I can write a text but I don’t know how to write an xfloat . I need to send a generic value to arduino. Can somebody help me? thank you in advance. I am a beginner from Italy.

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Hello trivalb

Please can you read the tutorial Using Nextion displays with Arduino

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Hi ,
I'm a beginner on Arduino programming.

I'm looking for sending a generic float number to Arduino. I designed a page on the Nextion Editor and I can simulate it, but I need to convert t3 text to xfloat. Is it possible? Now I can write the number as t3 text pushing buttons. In each button I've written the command as shown in the picture



Take look at Nextion Instruction set , the covx command is what you are looking for.

Ciao, Ale.