Re: Please help with arduino fft library

Can someone please point me to the stupid peoples corner? I have downloaded 3 times and have no idea where the file is. it tells me it takes 25 min to download each time, is that normal? I am on a PC...

PS I am an old geezer but would really like to get arduino up and running before I die...

Lol. What version of Windows? Do you have arduino ide on your computer? (The main software for arduino)

Are you trying to use FFT?

I can't tell you where it is with certainty. That said, I suspect that it's in a folder called, "Downloads," in your home directory.

You don't mention which library you downloaded. I suspect that it's the Open Music Labs FFT library, accessed from here. If that's so, then you should have downloaded a file named "," or maybe its predecessor, "" If you have a folder called, "Downloads," I'd recommend looking in that folder for a file with one of those names.

If you don't have a "Downloads" folder, or you don't find it there, you can use your operating system's search feature to look for files that start with "ArduinoFFT."

If you identify the library you've downloaded, and your operating system, we can help more effectively.

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I would like to apologize for my past response. When I saw this post for the first time it came up on my unread posts on my phone. It looked like it was from a long thread. So I thought this was added to a long thread. Because I thought it was on an old thread and you said your an “old geezer” I was thinking back to all the times I have helped my grandparents with their computers. This is why I ask what version of windows you are using and if you have the IDE on your computer.

I would like to help you get the FFT library workable on your computer. The amount of time it takes to download depends on your internet connection speed.

Dont get discouraged. Its not as hard as it seems.