Re: Problems with Icomsat v1.1 SIM900 GSM/GPRS shield

hello guys;
I am with the Icomsat v1.1 and an arduino uno R3 i am unable to use it to send a message i am looking for a code that could help me sending a message, could someone help me?

I have GSM shield (icomsat v1.1) and i want to use to turn on a LED, so i send it a sms message and accordint to the content of the sms the shield turn on/off the LED,
could somebody send me a code to do this project??
Thank you :slight_smile:


If you recall a previous thread where we got your shield configured and working? The page you referenced (in my signature below) shows you exactly how to do that.

yes i used the code in the code in your signature but there is many errors :confused:

also i am using an icomsat v1.1 shield with arduino uno and different library

If you're not going to share your code and the errors then good luck.

no i am looking for a code i didn't even have a code to share it, i am looking for a code.

but there is many errors :confused:

If you are wanting someone to write it for you then you might be better of in Gigs and Collaborations. I'm sure that someone will quote you for the work you require.

No my friend i am just new in arduino and i am learning it step by step i am just looking for some help, i tried many things but i still cant stand alone, :slight_smile: