Re purposing old Mobile phone handsets

So I thought I would share the idea of reusing old mobile car phone handsets.

Back in my days of hacking mobiles we used to need to communicate with the device.
Quite often this communication protocol was the same or similar to that used between the main unit and the handset.

The other month I was tinkering with some Harley Davidson bikes and wanted a simple set of buttons and a display. This made me drag out some old PIC code and convert it into Arduino code so I could use an old NEC 11A/11E handset I had loafing around.

Now the handset is nothing special but it has a nice two line display, lots of buttons and also has an amplified speaker and microphone thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this thought so that others, perhaps looking for a cheep handset looking thing, could feel confident that using old handsets was possible.

The NEC 11E or 11A handset is pretty easy,
the Motorola range of handsets like the 6800 or similar are also useable but I would have to find and revise my old code to know what was what, plus I do not have one knocking about to test.