Re-purposing the code for a digital potentiometer?

I took a look at the code here:

I notice that they use an arduino uno and they said " * CS - to digital pin 10 (SS pin) * SDI - to digital pin 11 (MOSI pin) * CLK - to digital pin 13 (SCK pin)"

I need to use this with an arduino mega, so how would I wire it differently and how would I code it differently? Do I just use the same digital pins at described, or are the SS, MOSI, and SCK pins different on the arduino Mega? Thanks!

try this... Second entry on the Microcontrollers page...


The equivalent pins on the Mega are

51 (MOSI) 52 (SCK) 53 (SS)


I have not looked at the link to the code for the Uno but it should just be a matter of substituting the Mega pin numbers for the equivalent Uno ones in the code.

Okay, Thanks! I just want to check though, I do not have to change anything else in the code, do I?

You should only need to change the pin numbers to match the Mega, not the code.