Re RoyalTEK GPS Shield and Arduino UNO

Please bare with me I am new to Arduino devices. I am using a RoyalTEK REB-4216 shield with a Arduino UNO. According to the schematic and hardware layout of the RoyalTEK shield, the board will output the gps string to pin D7. ICOM vhf/uhf digital radios are capable of transmitting gps data to a mobile base
radio connected to a computer. When the data is received the software shows position of the radio on a digital map. The gps is connected to the radio through it’s comport.
I am using the TINY GPS Kitchen Sink sketch. The baud rate is 38,400. I am not receiving any data through pin 7, should I be using pin 6 or is there problems with the sketch? Images attached.

Post your code not a screen shot.