Re: Using Nextion displays with Arduino


Great tutorial on the Nextion.

Lots of handy information.

I have a problem that I hope someone on here might be able to help with.

I have bought a Nextion 2.4" editor and am trying to load exercises from the github

I have downloaded the files and unzipped them and when I try to load CompButton_v0_322.HMI onto my computer, I get the following error message.

Can not open this file(Your HMI file is made by low version editor)

I have received this error from other HMI sources also.

My version is Nextion Editor V0.58.

Can you tell me how to find out what version the HMI file was created for.



The current version of the Nextion editor is V0.58, which is the one you have. Files created for a previous version are not directly compatible with V0.58, but it should allow you to open them and convert them to the new version. If that's not working for the samples you have then I suggest you ask ITEAD. All I can say is that every file I created with the earlier version has opened and been converted OK with V0.58.

Hi Perry,

Thanks for your reply.

I found some other HMI files online and they seem too load ok.

I don't know what was wrong with the other files i downloaded.

The new ones were saved to backup and converted as you said.