Reaction time of a resistive Touch Screen

Hi Everyone,

my understanding of most resistive touch Screen, is that it is basically a 'X' and a 'Y' voltage divider, that you connect to 2 analog inputs....

How fast is it to convert ?

I want to build an Airsoft target: the pellet would hit the touch screen, and an XY coordinate would be extracted.

My concern is about the "duration" of the hit on the Touch Screen; would it last long enough to be extrated by the uController ? My intention is to have a uController dedicated only to that task, nothing else. result would be pushed over I2C

Wait - get hit - extract XY - Push XY - Wait

I plan on using the "touch screen layer" only, on top of something softer than a piece of glass, in order to:

A: survive the hit without breaking B: being softer, I'm guessing that bouncing would be less than on a piece of glasse, therefore being in contact a little bit longer

Any comments, warning, ideas ????

If it's plain stupid as an idea, let me know !

Are you connecting it directly to Arduino analog inputs or do you have a driver chip?

The basic Arduino code does several operations to read the touchscreen. It reads X and Y sequentially. The max rate on analogRead() is about 10,000 per second so you can probably do as many as 5000 touchscreen reads per second. If your impact lasts longer than 1/5000th of a second then it should be detectable.

Getting to this frequency may require some creative programming. I would not expect my first proof-of-concept version to get much more than 1000 reads per second.

Would a driver chip improve speed ?

if so Any suggestion ?