Read 02 or more sensors SHT11

I wonder if it is possible to make a program to read 02 or more sensors of temperature / humidity STH11 connected in the same Arduino?

Thanks, Armando

Each chip needs two pins for interface. They may be able to use a common data pin and just have a separate clock pin per sensor.

Do you really need multiple SHT11s or do you really need one humidity sensor and several temperature sensors.

For the latter you could use an SHT11 and several LM75 (or any of the similar devices).

If you really need to sense multiple Humidity levels you could use LTC4300A-3 buffers and only activate the enable line on the device you want to read.

Or you could implement I2C in software and use a pair of Arduino pins for each SHT11.

I really want is to connect I2C software and use the Arduino pins for each SHT11 and read the temperature and humidity of each SHT11.

Tanks Armando.