Read a 3D print controller with

Good day everyone. My 3D printer took a dive and the manufacturer sent me a blank replacement Print Controller. They told me to install the firmware they sent me, but it never seems to save or work. The old one, well both (same model, etc.) have the Tx/Rx headers and I was wondering if it is possible to read the information from them via a command and compare the results?

if you just want to directly communicate with the device over it’s serial port, you can use something like putty.

on the other hand, you may be interested in “monitoring” or eaves dropping, attaching a 3rd device to either the RX or TX lines and capturing what is being transmitted between the two devices. that’s certainly possible if those lines are exposed.

but wouldn’t a printer plug directly into a USB port?

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You will get better help if you give specifics on which board you are using, and the exact errors you are having while trying to load the firmware.

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