Read a scanner and identify characters as a complete number

Well I have this problem, I am practically new in this so I am working with a barcode scanner and I am looking for help. From first instance I am working with the ps2 keyboard library And I am printing the numbers as char ex. char c = Serial.print ();but I am trying to get the complete value of c what I am trying to explain is that every time I detect a barcode I can display every character separated one from other ex. 1 2 3 etc.... And I am trying to get a 123 as a complete number. I thing that every time this codes run it inside void loop print the value of c but this value change with every bite so then that's why the scanner detect every character as an individual byte how can I change or make an addition of this number transforming each byte into a complete number

The code fragment that you have posted is very, very wrong. Please post your whole program

dvd333: From first instance I am working with the ps2 keyboard library

Suggest you put that aside for a while and play with the example sketches included with the IDE. Once you're more familiar with the programming language and how to access the serial port, you'll be in a much better position to tackle your original problem. As it stands, it seems to me that you're facing a steep learning curve and trying to take it in one step.