Read a sensor current from 4-20mA

Hello all
Does anyone can give me a tip how can I read a current from a sensor that outputs values between 4-20mA.I know this evolves a electronic circuit to convert the current to a voltage to apply on the analog input of arduino, but I cant find info about that
Any help

Looks like putting the signal across a 250 ohm resistor will give you a signal from 1 to 5 volts (4 to 20 mA)

As stated a ground based 250 ohm resistor will drop 1-5vdc for direct measurement to a arduino analog input pin. However the "2-wire loop" must be powered by an external DC power source. The typical loop supply voltage is +24vdc but many will work with a 12vdc power source, depending on the 'compliance voltage' rating of the 4-20ma sensor. Be sure you also run a wire from the external dc negative terminal to a arduino ground pin.


hoow how can't I think that before!
Very easy way to get the measure.
Sometimes the solution is just above and we can't see it :grin:
Many thanks to all of you for the great help