Read Amiga Floppy Disks


Wondering if this could be done.

Get hold of an Amiga Externally Floppy drive and get an Ardunio to read it and throw the data back to your pc via usb..

Be even better if Winuae could view the device live...

Just a though

Anything’s possible. I suspect the data rate might be higher than an Arduino can comfortably handle. Do you have some Amiga disks and do you know if they still hold any data? The lifetime of a magnetic disk is rather short. The magnetic data is likely to be unreadable after 20 years. Writeable CDs are not much better: 40-80 years depending on the disk.


The questions remains, “Why re-invent the wheel” Since the old Amiga disks (discs) were of a different format and storage software, they are difficult to read. But, the old Amiga aficionados have already done the job. see: Reading Amiga Floppy Disks on PC

Just adding a working solution to this project for modern OS