Read analog voltage 0-10V

Hi all,

I would like to use the Arduino Due to read the analog voltage output of a sensor. The output varies between 0-10V. Obviously, I can not connect the output directly to an analog pin, so what are my options?

What would be the best way to do this? Any more ideas? I'm assuming 3.3V is the maximum for the analog input pins of the Arduino, or is it just for the digital ones?

Thanks for the advice!

3,3V is indeed the max. Just use a resistor divider (you just need 2 resistors, not 3) to get to 3,3V. Use for example a 68k and a 33k. But be sure the 0-10V (wherever it's coming from) never exceeds the 10V because this will result in the voltage at the analog pin being higher than 3,3V (and the Due can't handle that).

Thanks! 2 non-equal resistors is indeed easier...

Take a look at this. It shows you how to make an 'arduino voltmeter' and you can build upon this idea to make it work for your project. This uses the same method septillion suggested before.

And a little tip for calculating things like a resistor divider, ElectroDroid :slight_smile: