Read and display binary bitmaps in txt from SD

I'm working on a gaming project where I need to store a ton of bitmaps in binary form to Progmem but Progmem is on short supply so I want to know if I can make a Sprite sheet that has all my bitmaps in monochrome binary to my SD card then read them and display them when I call them like I would if they were in Progmem.

So to store on Progmem

const byte green_square Progmem = {16,16, B00000000,B10010010,etc

Display.drawbitmap(16,16,70,70, green square,green)

So I want the arduino to read the sd card for the bitmaps and display them using the drawBitMap function

Or could I use the #include to include the Sprite sheet from SD

Yes, you can store graphics information on an SD card and then display it on a screen. There are many examples on the web, in this forum and in the available graphics libraries.