Read and set constants in setup?

I've been searching the forums and found something close (DIP Switch 8 Position to address Sensor), but not quite there, I'm looking for a definite confirmation that this is possible.

I'm planning to use rotary dip switches to set a couple of values, first value is to be 0-999, the second and third 0-99.

My question is, can I put the routine to read the switch hex values, convert them to decimal, and set the values to constants in the setup portion of the program?

I then intend to use those values in the LOOP portion of the program. They only need to be read once when the system is first powered up.

Does this make sense?

Yes. & Yes

What type of rotary dipswitches? partnumber?

I don't know. What did you have in mind? You only asked if it was possible.

You are right, I only asked if it was possible :)

Someone else is asking about part numbers.

I'm going to use 10 position BCD encoded switches.

Obviously, I'll use 7 of them, multiplex the inputs so I'm not eating up 29 pins just to get setup info. Life should be good after that. ;D