Read Bootloader

Dear All I have AVR a programmer it has PIC18F14K50, I tnk it has boot loader too. I want to make another avr programmer. Please advice read the hex from ond copy to another

An AVR programmer with a PIC microcontroller?

That is strange indeed. Usually the AVR programmers end up being based on AVRs…

I would go looking for help on a PIC forum - PIC isn’t supported by arduino, even with third party addons, so you’re unlikely to find people with experience working with PICs here.

(as an aside, you know you can buy USBAsp or USBTinyISP clones on ebay for a few bucks each, right?)

No Dear

I have a programmer for AVR Programming. This programmer has a PIC micro controller. Generally we can use any micro controller as a programmer to program

But I need to read the this Micro controller and copy to another

Please advice

Got a link to the programmer?

I just received a pic eval board (16f18446) with a samd21 chip as the programming interface. “Interesting times”, indeed!
Edit: huh. A VERY SUBSTANTIAL SAMD21. 256k of memory! Too bad that (so far) only a Serial Port and a file-based programmer are present - you could do a lot more in 256k!