Read CanBUS information and send SMS to mobile phone

Hello, I read that is possible implement a canbus reader with CANBUS shield and send SMS or conect to internet with a GSM shield.

Another need are the conection for 6 digital input and 6 analog inputs

Please can you recomend the ardruino that support the two aplication at the same time

What type of Cambus shield can be tunning for read CANBUS A or CANBUS B

If is posible a quotation of the all elements and support for this projet. I am new in ardruino develop and I need a kick off for this projet.

should be possible - I have used an Arduino Mega with a CAN-BUS_Shield_V1.2 and a Lora shield
Because the shields used some common pins for control I had to cut some of the pins and use jumpers to connect to alternative pins

Is this a commercial, student or hobby project?

Thanks for your help. It is a probe but If the application works , It can have a future applications.
I dont´t know if you consider a support quotation?