Read data from Keller 33X sensor RS485


I am trying to create a pressure logger for a project I am working on.

Project Overview:
The project requires the use of a LOLIN D32 PRO as the main processor and a Keller Series PA33X Pressure Senor. Sensor details:

The Objective:
The objective of the project is to read the RS485 serial communication and convert it into simple to read pressure and temperature data for the LOLIN board. The pressure readings should be accurate to 0.01bar and temperature readings should be accurate to 0.1 degrees C.

Additional information:
There is a library on GitHub (GitHub - thewknd/kellerbus: kellerbus library for Arduino) that no longer seems to work however it might help start the project.

The Project also shows a setup for an arduino MEGA board. I have tried this with no luck. The code compiles and runs (if you change the time library to TimeLib.h) however it doesn't read any data outputs.

Let me know if anyone is interested and the how much it will cost to complete.

Thank you for the help and have a good day,


Did you figure out how to make it working ?

I'm trying to retrieve pressure from Keller Series PA33X through RS485 too.


I helped @GadgetCanyon get it worked. Please PM me for consultation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sorry, I didn't notice that thread was in the " [Jobs and Paid Consultancy]" area.

I mainly do this for studying purpose only.

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