Read data from lcd of any other device

Hi there,
Is there a way i can read data being sent to a lcd of some device (a distance measurement device) with arduino and store it as a text file on arduino, for later extraction.

I am working on a project and for tht i need a set of distance values being measured by a laser distance meter, the problem i am facing is tht how i can snoop in the distance value from the laser distance meter from an arduino and store them on it n thn later use them for my purpose.

Do you have any more info on the device? Is the LCD a standard character LCD? What is the LCD interface? 8 bit, 4 bit, I2C, serial?

Post a link for the device or a datasheet. Some of them have serial out but it uses a PC application that has been specially written to parse the data. Unlike a Power Analyzer that outputs data in CSV format, the laser distance sensor probably uses some other format. The only way to find out is to connect it to a PC serial monitor program to see if you can even view the ASCII text. If you can somehow ascertain the format of the data, it is possible to parse it. At this point however, we (and probably you too) don’t even know if the serial output is RS232 or USB or TTL. (there’s some other serial protocols but they unlikely ie: MODBUS, CANBUS, RS485, ).
Find out what the hardware protocol is first, then figure out the software protocol.