Read data from SensComp 6500 using arduino

Does anybody have any advice on how to interface and arduino with a SensComp 6500 board? The board takes in a bunch of sonar transducers (16 Polaroid 6500 transducers to be more specific) and has a 20 pin output header. If anybody would like to offer some advice, I would greatly appreciate it! I would like to read these sonar transducers with an arduino. If you know of a way to interface with the transducers directly with an arduino, that would work too. Thanks!

this one ?

No, these are silver dollar sized (round) sensors. They look like a bunch of very small mirrors put together in a circle. These are from the 90's.

I'm facing an issue with Sens comp - smart sensor which is similar to sens comp 6500 ranging module.

Im not able to get usable value, can any one suggest how to get usable value form that sensor.

I'm using arduino nano as micro controller.