Read DS18B20 by a external device

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My name is Ruben and this is the first time in the comunnity... I hope to help you with everything that I know it.

Well, I have a little problem. I have a machine that works with a DS18B20 sensor to read the temperature and manage a motor to turn on or turn off according of the temperature readed.
Ok... My question is, can I read (spy) the signal of this sensor to know the temperature by a external arduino?
I have thought to use a optocoupler or a wirless system... What do you know about it?



Is it possible to connect the GND of the Arduino to the GND of the machine ?
Then you can connect the data signal of the 1-Wire to a digital input of a Arduino. You could add a 4k7 resistor in the line before the digital input for extra protection.

Search for: Arduino "1-Wire" sniffer
There are a few. I have never tried one, so I don't know if they work. I can not even find a sketch that does the decoding for a basic Arduino board. Maybe it is harder than I thought.

There are cheap logic analyzers of 10 or 25 dollars that work with the free PulseView/sigrok. I think that PulseView/sigrok has a decoder for 1-Wire.

Can you attach another DS18B20 right next to the existing DS18B20 ? Then you can use the Arduino to read the same temperature (almost the same temperature).

In view of your non-description of the "machine", I guess your simplest solution is to cough up the $3 and have Arduino read its own DS18B20 adjacent to the existing. You may then send the reading to a second Arduino, or your phone, via Bluetooth.

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So sorry,,, Finally I connected the DQ and GND of the sensor directlly to the Arduino. there was a inestable signal but after to connect a 1 uF capacitor between of the Vdd and Ground of the external device, work's fine.

thank you so much!!

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