Read encoder - making servo from encoder and motor

I am buying the encoder with 10000 ppr and I want with arduino to forward each step to PC. If I understood well, servo can be controlled for 1024 steps so I thought I will just somehow control the speed of the motor (DC or Stepper) and with encoder get the info when each step occured. It should rotate slow ~60steps per second, so I hope there will be no missing stepps.

Any ideas how to make it?

A servo is a motor that can be guided to a position and then it stops. It does not continuously rotate. If you have a motor with an encoder you might think that you can just count the pulses and when you reach the required number then stop the motor. This will depend on the gearing you have between the motor and the encoder. If you cut of the power to the motor it's momentum will keep it moving for a short time and you will overshoot the required position. If you arrange the motor control to short the windings together when you want it to stop you will get flywheel breaking and it will stop more quickly. You don't need to monitor a stepping motor as that only turns through the angle determined by the number of pulses you give it. An encoder can be useful if you want to check if any of the pulses has stalled.