Read every hour - Interrupts


I need some help. I have an Arduino Mega and I need this micro to be constantly reading from an ultrasound sensor. The problem is that I want to read from a temperature sensor once per hour. I have done some numbers with the TIMER1, but I am only alowed to throw an interrupt if it is less than 4,19 secons with a 1024 prescaler, because the timer1 has only 16 bits. Therefore, I think using the interrupts are not the best way to do this. Any solution?

Thank you.

Easy way, use an off-board RTC and set the alarm for once per hour... reset for +1 hour each alarm.


You have to measure the time, somehow. There is millis() function so it should not be a problem measure time difference 1 hour. This function depends on system clock and the resonator which is not precise. If you need higher precision then some RTC circuit would be a solution.

Maybe this could help:

Set your interrupts to say 3 seconds and count them, every 1200 read the sensor.

Or count milliseconds with millis().

I doubt there is a need for interrupts. Read your ultrasound sensor in loop() and use a millis() based timing to read the temperature sensor.

unsigned long currentTime;
void loop()
  // start time of wait period
  static unsigned long startTime = 0;

  currentTime = millis();

  if (startTime == 0)
    startTime = currentTime;

  if (currentTime - startTime >= 3600000UL)
    // reste start time; next iteration of loop a temperature reading will be done because startTime equals 0
    startTime = 0;


There are slightly different approaches, but it's the basics.

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