Read FlySky FS-RX2A with arduino

Hey so I am currently working on a small form factor project, which includes the need of a remote control. Therefor I have opted for the FS-RX2A receiver, which is in fact with 1g quite small. I cannot use the FS-A6 or something of similar design because of it's much larger size and heavier weight.

So I need to know how to write a decoder for the FS-RX2A, which only has 4 pins, two of those being signal pins. Has anybody worked with these before and can think of a code to read the outputs of this receiver to different channels, like you would do with an FS-A6, FS-IA6B or anything similar.

Thanks in advance!

Searching for "arduino FS-RX2A receiver" turns up quite a bit. Looks like it uses the IBUS protocol. Was none of that useful when you tried?

Do you have a datasheet for the receiver?

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