Read from file

Hello, I have a txt file with stream of 0s and 1s in my computer. I want to send these data to be written to digital pin as an output at a certain frequency rate. Simultaneously I will send some other data to some other pin, and read from another one and so on. Is it possible? I am new to micro-controller programming. I am looking for a basic level solution

Hello and welcome,

Certainly possible but where is the file? On a SD card, or your computer, or internet? Ok you answered this already :wink:

I suggest, if possible and if you don’t need the file to be human-readable, that you use a binary file that will be much faster to read from.

You can make the arduino read this file, but you have to use a program on your computer, that will send the file, one character (or byte) at a time, to the Arduino’s Serial port.

There are some Serial Monitors programs (for your computer) that can send files. I can’t remember their names. But if you need a custom program, I suggest you use C# because it’s a very easy language IMO.