Read ID Remote Control - Ev1527

Hello, it is the first time I write something in the forum, I am new in electronic and arduino. I am interested in being able to read the ID (unique) of a remote control with arduino. For this purpose I would like to be able to use a remote control with Ev1527 chip (fixed code for each remote control, something like The questions are:

  1. Should I be sure that the remote control uses an ASK transmitter? or all these controls use an ASK transmitter?
  2. Could I be able to receive the signal and process it in arduino with an ASK decoder such as MX-05V? (433MHz Wireless Receiver Module MX-05)

I have followed the tutorial Decoding and sending 433MHz RF codes with Arduino and rc-switch, but I do not know if it is the most effective way to approach this project.

Thank you very much everyone and congratulations for the forum!