Read if something is connected to headphones


I'm bulding a project with the adafruit wave shield, and I have a very specific feature to solve in order to succeed.

I need to be able to "read" if headphones are connected to a headphone (3,5 mm phone/TRS) jack. Where do I find such a jack, and what is this feature called?

I have only found jacks with the common function to switch between speaker and phones, but that's not what I want.

All guitar effect pedals seems to have this feature, they are switched off when the plug is removed, but they are bigger plugs...

Mono or stereo does not matter.

Hope anyone can help me!

Regards Fredrik


Think it's this kind of jack you are looking for: They contain an internal isolated spdt switch that tells if there is a plug inserted, have bought some myself and they work great.


Hey, that was quick, thanks!

Looks like it ought to be! Still as a noob you don't understand nothing about these abbrievations and there's no description... :-)