Read image from SD and display on UTFT

Ok I've now got a 7" touch screen working and just wondering what the best way is going to be to read a screen image from sd card. The image doesn't need to change quickly or often and is basically the menu system rather than writing code to draw it each time.

Has anybody already done this? Is there a library that includes it? Just avoiding reinventing the wheel if someone knows of it being done already.

I can store the image in any format that makes the code easier.


A good start for you as inspiration can be from here

Bummer, Straight away I see incompatability with Arduino Due for the UTFT_TinyFAT, and TinyFAT libraries. Got to find another way.

Working with the DUE, CTE Shield (cold tears LCD shield) and an SDD1963 controlled 7" LCD monitor. Peter