Read in Hex, Flag Non Hex and Output Read data.

Hello All,

I am new to Arduino and I have searched the Arduino forums for something that will help me do what I am trying to do. I have received value bits and parts of information. But I have been unable to piece these together to achieve my end goal.
I am trying to
(a) read in HEX bytes (like AA55FF66DDEE…etc upto 64bytes),
(b) I need to make sure that the keyboard entries are HEX values or Raise an error flag (“Incorrect Entry, not a hex number”)
(c) Display the enter Hex numbers (“You Entered: AA55FF66DDEE…”).
(d) Assign the Hex values that were read into something that I can use to write a CASE to do different things.

Thanks in advance.

Are you trying to read actual binary numbers, or text representing binary numbers ?

Any number can be represented in hexadecimal, its just a number system, so I'm not sure what you mean when you want to verify the entered number is in hex, as any decimal number could also be 'misinterpreted' as hex, and there'd be no way to verify that. In fact any number system with a lower than 16 base will be tricky to differentiate.

Or do you mean you want to verify the entered string only consists of numbers and A-F?

Thank you for the replies. Yes, I would like to verify that the entries made are HEX digits 0 - 9 , A- F. Anything outside of these should be flagged as not hex digits.