Read info from a sportradar


We got a sportradargun, or more exactly

I work in a arena that have capacity for 5000 visitors. Now is the radargun connect to a 10x4 inches big display that shows the speed. But we got 4 big screens with about 500squarefeet that would be much more handy so view the info at.

Between radargun and display is there common rj45-contacts with a 4 pairs of cable inside.

My thought was to split the cable apart and connect it to a arduino for get somehow out the signal and therefore get the speed. From there type it some readable format and wireless send it to the server that handle outsignal for ours TV.

Anyone who got a idea for how this should happen if even possible? I tried the easiest way and just write A0 to serial and tried every single cable for check if I could see anything. But it doesnt affect at all.

Why don't you ask the manufacturer?

Easy reason, the sportradar costs 319,99$ while the software costs 249,99$ which is way over reasonble price.

I suppose that depends on what price you put on invalidating the warranty.

I dont think the warranty would be in any risk if use a other cable that I modify.

And i suppose the arduino should only be told as input, therefore no signal out?