Read Intellimouse

Hello, i want to read my Sensor data from my Intellimouse, my old mouse was pretty easy to read but a new version wont work, i have no idea what i can do, it is aswell a ps2 mouse but if i put it into my ps2 port nothing will happen, but if i put the older version on my ps2 port i cant move the mouse but the light will shine ... maybe it is a software issue or something else.

Perhaps your mouse is too smart.
You need a old dumb PS/2 mouse to read it with an Arduino. Or else use a USB host shield or a Arduino board that can be a USB host.

Some mice can adapt itself to PS/2 and USB. They came with an adapter that has nothing inside it, only a few connections.
Some mice have a circuit to detect if a PS/2 port is used, or else they switch to USB mode.
Perhaps some computers can use the PS/2 port as USB device. I forgot how it was, so I might be wrong about this.

Thanks you, is there an USB Hostshield out for a Arduino Leonardo ?
I only found some for a UNO .... and else i already try to connect the mice with a selfmade USB Ardino Connector

works aswell with the old mice

I gave this a try with a USB mouse I happened to have on hand a couple weeks ago and was successful:

But it might well be that only specific USB mice have the PS/2 compatibility needed to do the simple direct interfacing with an Arduino board.

This was my first attempt with a mouse, so I'm one for one on success.

With keyboards, I had success with all three I had on hand, and one tenkey, but struck out with the other super cheapo tenkey.

Still, pretty impressive that there are still so many devices with this compatibility mode with such an old interface.

yes but i have no idea how i can get this newer intelli 1.1A Mice to work :smiley: and the older mice is a bit to bad for my Project if i move the mouse too fast sometimes the sensor wont recongnize a movement.

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