Read multiple Bluetooth digital multi-meter data

Hello all,

Considering the range, data transfer rate and update rate factors relaxed, can we read the data from multiple Bluetooth digital multi-meters to single receiver? If so how can we implement in Arduino with HC-0x module? Multiple pairing - Is it a wrong term (1 master communicates with 7 slaves concept)?

Can we implement in a Windows 10 Laptop Bluetooth adapter? - Out of scope in this forum.

sj_777: Multiple pairing - Is it a wrong term

Yes, but mainly because you don't understand what pairing is. Essentially pairing is making up the dance card for future convenient connection, and what you want is not multiple connection, but multiple configurations for sequential single connection. You could do this by having Arduino control the power and EN pins of a breakout board with an HC-05 on it. I understand that, if your HC-05 breakout board has a button switch for configuration, it does not replace the EN pin, it is just a convenient alternative, and in your case it isn't.

You need to be able to properly identify the sources. If that is not available, you can probably sniff it with the phone. The connection guru is here. There is more than one method.