Read operation I2C not working

So I’m using this chip from TI called the TAS5825M and the read operation is described as following:

I am not too familiar with I2C and mainly used it with write operations, so this is new for me. I put together this piece of code where I try to read out register 0x5E, which should give me around 42 since I am using 5V PVDD.

  Wire.endTransmission(false); //Repeated start
  Wire.requestFrom(77, 1);    //Request one byte
    char value =;    

The logic analyzer gives this result:

Two weird things:
-The result is 0, not 42.
-Last action is a write operation again, which is not in my code. Why does this happen?

What could I be doing wrong?

Solved already by removing the last End.Transmission
Apparantly already sends a stop command.