Read parameters in cyclic sleep pin-wake


I’m working with several S2 xbee device in cyclic sleep pin-wake mode (SM5) to minimize the power consumption of my net.

My configuration is:

  • End-Device:
    SM = 5
    SN = A (10)
    SO = 4
    SP = 3E8 (1000)
    ST = 64 (100)
    Also I have the CTS enabled (DIO7 = 1).

  • Coordinator:
    SP = 3E8 (1000)
    SN = A (10)

But I have problems reading XBee parameters, I can’t read any of them in a short ST. The main issue is when xbee is awake for a long time only for reading AT parameters, the power consumption reduces the battery life.

Also I have read about to add a Commissioning button to 20pin, and even if this is managed by a digital pin from the MCU, can’t be the right solution because 30 seconds is too much time for being awake.

How can I read any data by AT commands from XBee before it goes to sleep (ST is only 100ms).