Read sensor connected to USB port via Arduino

Hi all,

I am new to Arduino and I have a questions.

I have a load cell sensor which has a USB port output. I was wandering if there is a way to read the output value (force) via the Arduino in a control manner.

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Which Arduino?

I have an Arduino Uno and a mega. I can order another model if those do not permit that function

Hi @DiMbex

which arduino?
which load cell sensor ?

Maybe this work for your project.

please, read

mainly this part:
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Hi Ruilviana,

I am using the Arduino Mega and this sensor

So my understanding is that if I wan to use a usb connected sensor, I need to plug it on another board ( as the one you provided ) and then use SPI protocol to read ?

If you have the load cell version with the USB interface, you need to plug it into a Windows PC to use the software supplied.

Simple as that.

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