Read solar panel values

Hello, I hope you can help me, thanks.

I have an Arduino ADK and two solar panels of 5V/700mA, I need connect solar panels to Arduino for read the values ??of voltage/current, but this is not possible, because these values ??are not supported by the arduino , especially input of 700mA (arduino max current input is 40mA).

Is there any way to connect the solar panels for read this values correctly?

Thank you very much.

For measuring voltages in excess of 5V a voltage divider is typically used, for measuring current there are two
approaches, either a dedicated current sensor, or add a "shunt resistor" in the current path to be measured
and then measure the voltage difference across this shunt - a low value shunt resistor is desirable to reduce
wasted power, but leads to low voltages that need to be amplified to get a decent resolution.

Current sensor modues are sometimes hall-effect (no shunt resistor), some need their own shunt resistor
but do the amplification of voltage difference for you.