Read the voltage of a pulse

Hello everybody,

I come to you because I am annoyed. I must be able to read the voltage of a pulse. The problem is that these pulses have a duration of 0.2ms which is very short. These pulses are variable in voltage (0v - 5v). I'm using an Arduino Uno. The duration of these pulses being so short that reading with the converter is not possible. I have been blocking this problem for several days.

Do you have a solution or an idea to unblock the situation?
Have a good day

One approach is to use external circuitry implementing a peak detector. The ADC would read the peak detector value at its leisure to get the highest value of the signal since the peak detector was last reset. The hazard with this is that pulse events may be missed if the interval between ADC reads is longer than the smallest period between pulses.

An alternate approach is to increase the rate of ADC reads and there are various ways this might be done. A straightforward approach is to use an ADC library that operates similarly to the analogRead() function, only much faster.

Thank you very much for your advice !! This is exactly what I needed. By doing a search on a library, I found this resource which allowed me to solve my problem.

Good continuation