read UART data which contains several values (temp, humidity, co and much more)

Hi all,

I got a question about the UART read. I connected my Arduino with a SpecSensors board, to receive data via the UART port. Now the RX/TX VCC an GND are connected and my code works with serial monitor. My question is now, how can I read the separated values. The sensor from SpecSensorc give me the values of temp, humidity, co and much more. Now I want to select the humidity or temperature and send it to the cayenne.mydevices cloud. Do someone know, how to select the separated values? I think this is the normal stream data type and it should be in a buffer or similar. But I don’t know, how to select the values. Maybe it is something like arrays.

A screenshot of the serial output is attached.

Thank you very much.



Start with Serial Input Basics.

Your screenshot clearly shows the Temperature and Humidity fields in the 'Reception Frame'.

Please, post your complete program so that we can see how you are receiving data from your sensor board and saving them in your Arduino before they are sent to the Serial Monitor.