Read USB HID Data

Hi I want to read my usb steering wheel data on my arduino 1.6.7 Both arduino and steering wheel is connected to the PC. I want to read the data when for example Button 3 is pressed or wheel is turned left on the HID. How to do this?

I know arduino usb shield is one option and other is directly connecting the device to the arduino. But dont know if it is possible by connect both devices to a PC? I am using an Arduino Mega2560 and steering wheel is USB/PS-2.

I don't think the Arduino will get a look at the steering wheel data if they are both plugged into the PC. You will probably need to connect the wheel to the arduino and then arduino to the PC. The best type of Arduino to use is one that has native USB built into the microcontroller as they can easily present themselves to the PC as HID devices as well/instead of Serial ports. Currently this would be the Leonardo (retired), Arduino Micro or a Teensy 3.x.

In your post you say the steering wheel is "USB/PS-2" so is PS-2 really the PS/2 standard used on old keyboards and mice or Play Station 2?