Read WAV file from SD convert to I2S with 48kHz Sample Rate

I am looking for some project guidance. What I need to do is read some audio files on an SD card (WAV files) those files then need to be converted to I2S which will be fed into an DSP development board. The development board requires the sample rate to be 48KHz. I need to control the playing of the audio files (play, pause, and stop) from an Arduino DUE.

I know Arduino DUE has I2S but I don't think it can generate the 48kHz sample rate I need. I have been looking for a breakout board that can do what I need but have not been able to find one. I was looking at the teensy 4.1 but it can only do a 44.1kHz sample rate without major modification to the audio library (which I am not currently capable of doing especially with my time constraint for this project). Does anyone know of a breakout board or another controller that can do what I need?

Why don't you convert your WAV file offline and store the I2S data on the SD card and then just pipe it directly to your dev board?

If you can’t do it with the Teensy 4.1 then you won’t do it with any processor, it is by far the fastest board around by several orders of magnitude.

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