Read/Write Intel 28F400B

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Excited to get in to the world of arduino… I know this a big one for a first post but here goes!!! :fearful:

I’m an automotive locksmith and avid EEPROM reader. I have several options of reading devices available to me personally but I have recently started a company offering tools that program transponders to vehicles via EEPROM dumps. There is one vehicle in particular that has the 28F400B device and its the only one stateside that requires a locksmith a read a 28F.

Is it possible to read this device, erase and then program with an edited dump?

I browsed the data sheet of this device and it states the maximum voltage is 12V with a 5% sway. The AR labs device I use to read this device uses a 12V power supply and all functions requested bove operate very smoothly.

The main reason for the project is to try to save our fellow lockies from having to buy another full scale EEPROM reader just to deal with this one device. Hopefully a cheaper option is arduino.

Most of the immobilizers we deal with are serial devices. (93xxx 24xxx). We also do a good bit of micro controllers (hc 05 07 12 and 912 and 9s12). I have noticed that serial devices are covered in the forum in random device configurations. Haven’t searched for any plcc or qfp devices !!!

Anyways this is a link to datasheet :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated greatly.

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I'm a locksmith with the same goal. Keep us posted as i will.