Read&Write Serial Strings with Labview...

Ok this is a simple example to send and read serial string between Arduino and Labview 8.0:
First download the source Code of labview here:

Next, you need to configure your hardware to be able (in case you have diecimila) interchange data with your PC, if you have a dicimiela need to put a NOT logic door (74ls04) between arduino and the PC Port, then PIN 1 of arduino need to be with Pin 3 of serial port, and pin 2 of arduino need to be with Pin 2 of serial port of computer, you can fallow this diagram:

You can buy a 74ls04, or 7404 at any radio shack or electronic store:

They come with 6 NOTs, but you only going to need 2m, choose any of them is the same.

VCC is conected to 5 volts in arduino
GND to arduino ground.

Data sheet of 74ls04: Texas Instruments 487906, DS datasheet pdf

BY the way you can use the USB port if you one, but in case you need only to receive data from the PC without sacrifice you USB port to read data with the arduino console, use PIN1 with 7404, i doing this because i need it for other projects, (soon you going to know why and what im doing ::)).

:smiley: Good luck!!

Dear Jordi,
could you check the download link for the code?