Read x24c44 eeprom


I want to read an eeprom x24c44, and have downloaded libraries, (eeprom read)
but how do I connect the cables?
Can only find other examples of eeprom

What library? Post a link to where you got the library. We need to know that so we can find out if certain pins must be used

What Arduino board do you have? We need to know that so we know what pins are available.

Apart from power most signals are for the SPI interface with SK=SCK, DI=MOSI, DO=MISO. RECALL means READ mode, STORE means WRITE mode, CE enables communication with the chip, and the related pins are defined in your library.

Arduino uno

That's for the built-in EEPROM, not for external chips.

See the data sheet of your chip for more information about SPI commands and data transfers.

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