Hi Guys,

I've been trying to implement what is given here and ran into some problems. I figured maybe you guys

tried it too and would be able to help.

When I upload the code to yun and start serial monitor i get the " error occurred in the SendDB (Send to

MySQL) step. HTTP_CODE 500 ". I wanted to find out if this occurs because something is wrong with

DB instance or my network connection or ports or something. I appreciate your attention and thanks in


An HTTP 500 error means a general sever error: you have contacted the server, but it's unable to fulfill your request, but it doesn't have a better explanation available.

This could be a problem with the server, but it's also possible that you have a problem with your data setup. Do you have the two required accounts (Temboo and AWS) set up properly? Do you have the RDS set up properly? Did you enter all of the account information and other configuration items in the sketch properly?

I would suggest going back to the beginning and double checking everything. Remember, when copying setup information and updating accounts and the sketch, the data must be copied EXACTLY: close enough is not good enough.