Reading 10 inputs using the Arduino pins

I just bought an arduino and I have gone over the tutorials so i became familiar with inputing and outputing signals so next step is to read 10 input signals(function generator will supply the same signal to all pins of the arduino simultaneously). I have an arduino mega so it has plenty of pins(15) and I would hope somebody had a similar experience. How can i proceed. do i just declare all the 10 pins i will be using as inputs and display a message for each input being read but then how do i know which input has been read do i create a variable to store each read input ; ex: val for pin1 and val10 for pin10 i on the right track here? thank you in advance

Are you trying to output anything? Are you just trying to have 10 inputs?

A mega had 54 pins… Where did you come up with 15?

You can do a constant byte:

const byte BUTTON[10] = {53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48, 47, 46, 45, 44};

And then pinMode:

 for (int i = 0; i < sizeof(BUTTON) / sizeof(BUTTON[0]); ++i) { 
 pinMode (BUTTON[i], INPUT);     

Yes your are right the arduino mega has 54 pins but i meant 16 pins for the analog pins:)
As far as outputs, all the 10 inputs will have to control one led and it works like this:
the output pin goes as a signal to the base of a transistor that plays the role of a switch. the collector of the transistor goes into the LED and this LED is hooked to a VDD=5v and the emiiter of the transistor goes into a 1k resistor which is hooked to the GND. so the 10 inputs will control the same LED through the transistor..Now whether I have to use an analog or digital pin output I don't know which is better for this application but i'm sure a lot of you guys out there would know better than I do..thank you for taking the time to answer my Qs

As far as outputs, all the 10 inputs


whether I have to use an analog or digital pin output

You haven't got any analogue outputs, but the PWM digital outputs can be used to control the brightness of your LEDs.